Aug 28, 2010


CLIPPIE SALE!! 6 clippies for $8.00..That is 3 sets for the price of two!! You choose colors/design :)

Aug 24, 2010

Where, Oh Where has my creativity gone?

I have been feeling everything BUT creative...UGH!! Its no secret I have been a tad under the weather...Well my back was brutally beaten by a very viscous step ladder the other day when I was sooooooo close to having my kitchen curtains hung in a way that never require shooshing again..All I can tell you my friends is I am so glad this fall DID NOT require a trip to the emergency room. The last time I fell it turned into one of the biggest natural disasters for my husband and myself! I fell over the thin piece of metal that keeps your carpet and tile one big happy family...Oh wait did I mention this was the first and THE LAST time I had ever met this person in my life! Nothing happened I just misstepped and down I went!! Kinda like running in slow-mo if you would. I saw it coming, being the super cool kinda gal I am I try to just brace myself as if I was part of a contortionist team in the circus. It was quite the sight lol Immediately I stand up and excuse myself to the restroom before my beet red face is seen by absolute strangers!!! Adrenaline still pumping. My right hand is sore and swollen..No surprise though, I don't remember the last time in my life I did an acceptable pull up and I just did some sort of Gymnastics/ Saw horse trickery out there. Fast forward to next day when I get up to go to work and I now have what appears to be a catchers mitt for a hand and my wrist has turned into something the size of my thigh! AHHH!!! I calmly share this news with my husband who looks down at my had and his olive complexion turns just as ivory white as mine. After a few hours in E.R., x-rays in hand (my good one), STAT visit to Orthopedic surgeon and HOT DOG and UGLY surgery scheduled. It has now been a year after the dreaded fall that was followed by painful P.T.and I am still not 100%...SOOO I am soo glad this fall did not require an emergency room visit :)

How do you get your creative juices flowing again??

Aug 22, 2010

It's that time of year already?!?!

I cant believe Halloween is right around the corner! From September through February are my favorite months...You see here in the Valley of California the heat finally begins to dip below the 100 mark for long enough to allow us to forget about our HOT, DRY, summer. We don't yet put away our shorts and flip flops though...That will come with time ( October-November). All those comfy sweaters begin to reappear as we all make our way to Back to School Nights, Football games, Holidays and the warm coziness time with friends and family.
I did receive my Fighting Illini ribbon and let me just say...IT ROCKS!!! On that note I am putting together a order for some wonderful fall baubles and ribbons.  Any requests???


Aug 20, 2010

And the winner is.......

Sneha Nirody Monga from Jewels in the Snow please contact me!!! YIPPEE Not only did Sneha and many others help me reach my goal of 200 "likers" on FB but at of 6:30 am today the count was 202. Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..I could not say it enough.
Starting today any giveaway contests or fun of any sort will be help right here on the blog so always keep one eye out!!

Aug 19, 2010


I must admit I usually refer to myself as a Domestic Goddess Extraordinaire.  Please bear with me as I challenge myself to master the ways of the web (that would be where the extraordinaire part comes in). Facebook frowns (STRONGLY) upon giveaways, contests and sweepstakes. I love free things and I believe that my tribe of Facebook fans also love them. So here's how its gonna go down guys.......Current "HEY THANKS" 200 (thank you gift) Will be randomly chosen by my hunky hubby out of my I Love Lucy cookie jar. EACH fan who leaves a little something say will be entered. After hitting 200 fans this will be THE LAST "thank you gift" given through Facebook. Don't worry your pretty little heads!!! Just become a "follower" and you will be privy to all the Adorable excitement!

PLEASE VISIT VISIT Go to the discussions tab and under the Topic HEY THANKS 200 Leave a few words to be eligible!