Jun 26, 2011

Auction for Madyn

Madyn's story came to me by a friend Johanna. It caught my attention since Johanna was 
1.speaking of cancer. (Which like most I feel my life has been affected by far too much.) 
2. Johanna was speaking of shaving her head! Eeeeeep! Johanna has always loved her hair this must be ULTRA impotant! So I read, I cried, I read some more, I cried again, I shared, I cried more....You get the picture! 18 month old, Madyn was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. With all of the bad news that brings there is however a bright light. Her type of cancer is 90% curable. Madyn's parents are taking care of her and doing what is best for her with the many treatments, hospital stays and medications it does come with great cost. This is why Adorable Adornmentswill holding a multi boutique auction begining July 24th-July 30th.

If you would like to donate to the auction please email hyadorableadornments@yahoo.com

1.Photo of your donation

2. Description of item including value of item

3.Shipping cost winner is responsible for if any

4. Link to your fan page
To read more about Madyn and to make monetary donation please read Johanna's blog A Cup Of Jo. I promise once you read a little about Jo you will be hooked on her blog too ;)

Jun 1, 2011

2,000 Fan Gift-Away!

Well we havent hit 2000 fans on the Facebook fan page. The numbers are soooooooo close I cant stand it anymore! I have to give something away! One lucky fan will win one monster hat in two colors of their choosing. Winner will also choose hat size from infant to adult.

How do you enter you ask? Its simple!
1. You MUST be a facebook fan of Adorable Adornments
2. Post in a comment under this blog post who your favorite monster is along with your email address so you can be notified if you are the lucky winner.

Thank you all and Goodluck! Winner will be drawn Monday June 13th!