Sep 22, 2010


The door is wide open and the air is cool. The sun is shining and the house smells of a slow cooking pot roast....and cleaner o.O
Well maybe the second half of that isn't so good BUT Fall has officially fallen in my house! I love Fall! The weather is changing, going for a walk is crisp and cool and everyone just seems to genuinely be in a more pleasant mood. What could be better right? Well if my body didn't hurt that would be better...
That is the one problem I have with Fall..It slows me down a bit in the beginning. You see I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and if you suffer from it, I feel your pain...No really I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Some people are diagnosed and have little,sometimes no pain. That being said I do need to take it easy for a bit. I am putting together a big shopping list for all kinds of fun goodies for custom orders. If there is something that I can put on the list for you please let me know. I have been asked for "girlie" stuff...I need help there folks. Im not so girlie and when I get girlie I think it might be more Dolly Parton met Steven Tyler!

Sep 8, 2010


As you all know I have started giving "thank you gifts" for every milestone reached on Adorable Adornments FB page. I regret to inform you all that I have suspended this gifting due to lack of participation. For the few that did participate and HAVE NOT received a free gift from me already please contact me at 


Sep 7, 2010

Hey read this!

I thought it might be helpful to give you all some ideas for the HEY THANKS 300 gift. I know with schools just heading back it makes it difficult to even THINK about the upcoming Holidays. This competion will be suspended with out your participation. The Deadline for all entries is 6 am PST September 8, 2010. Please be sure to head over to Adorable Adornments and see the Discussions tab and add your Two cents to the HEY THANKS 300!!!   Its going to be Spooktacular

Sep 2, 2010

Hey Thanks 300

Hey Thanks 300 Drawing is right around the corner! Oh the excitement!! YAY

I have said it a million times..I LOVE HALLOWEEN! With that being said the big winner will receive one of two Horribly Handsome Bloody Eye Balls. Both of these Gorgeously Gorey Adornments can be placed on a barrette, comb, or lapel pin! Please head over to Adorable Adornments Facebook Page to vote for the piece you would like to win. Simply leave a comment below the photo of your choosing.