Sep 22, 2010


The door is wide open and the air is cool. The sun is shining and the house smells of a slow cooking pot roast....and cleaner o.O
Well maybe the second half of that isn't so good BUT Fall has officially fallen in my house! I love Fall! The weather is changing, going for a walk is crisp and cool and everyone just seems to genuinely be in a more pleasant mood. What could be better right? Well if my body didn't hurt that would be better...
That is the one problem I have with Fall..It slows me down a bit in the beginning. You see I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and if you suffer from it, I feel your pain...No really I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Some people are diagnosed and have little,sometimes no pain. That being said I do need to take it easy for a bit. I am putting together a big shopping list for all kinds of fun goodies for custom orders. If there is something that I can put on the list for you please let me know. I have been asked for "girlie" stuff...I need help there folks. Im not so girlie and when I get girlie I think it might be more Dolly Parton met Steven Tyler!

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