Oct 14, 2010

Time flies when your getting crafty

Where has the time gone this year? I swear just yesterday I was turning 30 this year....Ok so that was in January and as it is right now Im on well on my way to being 31..Oh well...It ain't no thing but a chicken wing ;) I haven't spent the time I normally use for blogging trying to "organize" lol Yep that has been a lost cause...I dont think artsy crafty people are supposed to be able to STAY organized...Here I sit in my organized chaos with just enough room for my Hazelnut coffee cleared out among the ribbons, scissors doo-dad's and What'd ya call it's..
ALL the holidays are JUST around the corner! I have updated some photos and added some new things at Adorable Adornments. An entire photo album that is $5.00 OR LESS. So many new things from Halloween goodies to Hair Accessories organizers all for $5.00 or less! This week only there is no shipping on all orders also!! Stop in and take advantage of all the special offers and tell your friends :)

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  1. "doo-dad's and What'd ya call it's"

    I love that! doo-dad's, LOL You're so cute.