Oct 14, 2010

Hand Made For The Holidays!

 Hand Made For The Holidays! Gift Exchange Sign up!

This is a World Wide event. We will be exchanging HAND MADE gifts. These gifts can be made by yourself, a friend or a loved one. The idea is to be able to exchange gifts that you know will be truly appreciated. Who loves Hand Made more than someone who GIVES handmade?! 
World Wide leaves this open for so many questions...No this is not a CHRISTMAS gift exchange. We all observe different holidays, we celebrate them in different ways. You are creating and sharing in the gift of exchange and will be putting a smile on a strangers face somewhere
in the world :) There is still time to sign up. If you would like to participate please sign up here with your name and I will be contacting you by email shortly!
You WILL be responsible for all shipping fees. 

Drina Paradzik-AUS

Helen Young-US

Corinna Neisinger Cambanes-US

Nychole Flowers-US

Jane Farrell Allen-US

Laura Noel-US

Rebecca Morgan -UK

Melissa Aycock Hurlburt

Join in on the fun!

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