May 19, 2011

Are you a follower yet?

Hello Hello! Its been so long since I have done any blogging I almost forgot how. I will be blogging much more these days. Facebook is now going to be  upholding their "Giveaways are no-no's on business pages" rule.
Never fear, Adorable Adornments is here! Be sure to follow my blog to hear about the newest giveaways and contests.There will not be anymore gift-aways or freebies given on my facebook page.........(Hint:There is one coming REAL soon)

Whats going on around Adorable Adornments?
Auction will run from June 3rd through the 6th at Ribbons & More
Giveaway going on at Life of a Harvest Widow

Be sure to stop into these fabulous facebook pages for a chance at some awesome Adorable Adornments swag!


  1. So, I have a general blogging question. How'd you get the "My Etsy" gadget on your page? I have a blog here at blogspot and I couldn't find it! My e-mail: Thanks!

  2. You know Jewels, I wish I could tell you but I honestly dont remember. I believe it was a choice in the layout portion (maybe). If you snoop around your etsy page there is a section of etsy apps. Thats also very helpful :)