Oct 16, 2010

Blog Followers Exclusive!

Im really going to have to start adorning the cat if I dont get some this stock moving......
I don't think she is up for that!

Heres what Im going to do for the sake of my poor little fur baby Im going to do a Blog Followers Exclusive Sale =} 15% off your entire order and if you get your order in before Sunday at Midnight PST you will still receive FREE SHIPPING! Just use use this code when ordering BFPrincess15 
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Oct 14, 2010

Hand Made For The Holidays!

 Hand Made For The Holidays! Gift Exchange Sign up!

This is a World Wide event. We will be exchanging HAND MADE gifts. These gifts can be made by yourself, a friend or a loved one. The idea is to be able to exchange gifts that you know will be truly appreciated. Who loves Hand Made more than someone who GIVES handmade?! 
World Wide leaves this open for so many questions...No this is not a CHRISTMAS gift exchange. We all observe different holidays, we celebrate them in different ways. You are creating and sharing in the gift of exchange and will be putting a smile on a strangers face somewhere
in the world :) There is still time to sign up. If you would like to participate please sign up here with your name and I will be contacting you by email shortly!
You WILL be responsible for all shipping fees. 

Drina Paradzik-AUS

Helen Young-US

Corinna Neisinger Cambanes-US

Nychole Flowers-US

Jane Farrell Allen-US

Laura Noel-US

Rebecca Morgan -UK

Melissa Aycock Hurlburt

Join in on the fun!

Time flies when your getting crafty

Where has the time gone this year? I swear just yesterday I was turning 30 this year....Ok so that was in January and as it is right now Im on well on my way to being 31..Oh well...It ain't no thing but a chicken wing ;) I haven't spent the time I normally use for blogging trying to "organize" lol Yep that has been a lost cause...I dont think artsy crafty people are supposed to be able to STAY organized...Here I sit in my organized chaos with just enough room for my Hazelnut coffee cleared out among the ribbons, scissors doo-dad's and What'd ya call it's..
ALL the holidays are JUST around the corner! I have updated some photos and added some new things at Adorable Adornments. An entire photo album that is $5.00 OR LESS. So many new things from Halloween goodies to Hair Accessories organizers all for $5.00 or less! This week only there is no shipping on all orders also!! Stop in and take advantage of all the special offers and tell your friends :)