Jan 6, 2011

Fast Forward

I am now and FOREVER will stay "in my thirties". Oh my word I never thought that there was some point where the fast forward button is pressed. That would have been a bit-o-info someone should have very well shared with me! I have had gray hairs since about 18.(yes hairs, I am not GRAY I have gray hairs)
I have aches and pains like anyone else (I think). I try not to dwell on them but GEEEZ!
My Birthday was January 3rd, I woke up January 4th with lizard dry skin. What the french toast?! I mean my face hurt it was so dry. Exfoliate like a mad woman, layer on the EXTRA moisturizer.
January 5th, I woke up to a brand new strawberry patch of gray. How does this happen over night?!?!
Today January 6th, I woke up to some weird pink bump under my eye...Im going to look like some sort or gray haired swamp thing by the time my next Birthday rolls around. Please take your finger off my fast forward button!


  1. Dood! I have some kind of thing under my eye that looks like a patch of make up (but I don't wear make up!) And, I'll tell you about gray hair in private! :P BUT, remember, I'm a little bit older. ;P

  2. I know the feeling i'm 35 ohh the good old days ...

    But evrybody reaches such points i'm in peace with this ...

  3. Sigh....I hope to become at peace with it...SOON hopefully lol