Aug 19, 2010


I must admit I usually refer to myself as a Domestic Goddess Extraordinaire.  Please bear with me as I challenge myself to master the ways of the web (that would be where the extraordinaire part comes in). Facebook frowns (STRONGLY) upon giveaways, contests and sweepstakes. I love free things and I believe that my tribe of Facebook fans also love them. So here's how its gonna go down guys.......Current "HEY THANKS" 200 (thank you gift) Will be randomly chosen by my hunky hubby out of my I Love Lucy cookie jar. EACH fan who leaves a little something say will be entered. After hitting 200 fans this will be THE LAST "thank you gift" given through Facebook. Don't worry your pretty little heads!!! Just become a "follower" and you will be privy to all the Adorable excitement!

PLEASE VISIT VISIT Go to the discussions tab and under the Topic HEY THANKS 200 Leave a few words to be eligible!

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