Aug 24, 2010

Where, Oh Where has my creativity gone?

I have been feeling everything BUT creative...UGH!! Its no secret I have been a tad under the weather...Well my back was brutally beaten by a very viscous step ladder the other day when I was sooooooo close to having my kitchen curtains hung in a way that never require shooshing again..All I can tell you my friends is I am so glad this fall DID NOT require a trip to the emergency room. The last time I fell it turned into one of the biggest natural disasters for my husband and myself! I fell over the thin piece of metal that keeps your carpet and tile one big happy family...Oh wait did I mention this was the first and THE LAST time I had ever met this person in my life! Nothing happened I just misstepped and down I went!! Kinda like running in slow-mo if you would. I saw it coming, being the super cool kinda gal I am I try to just brace myself as if I was part of a contortionist team in the circus. It was quite the sight lol Immediately I stand up and excuse myself to the restroom before my beet red face is seen by absolute strangers!!! Adrenaline still pumping. My right hand is sore and swollen..No surprise though, I don't remember the last time in my life I did an acceptable pull up and I just did some sort of Gymnastics/ Saw horse trickery out there. Fast forward to next day when I get up to go to work and I now have what appears to be a catchers mitt for a hand and my wrist has turned into something the size of my thigh! AHHH!!! I calmly share this news with my husband who looks down at my had and his olive complexion turns just as ivory white as mine. After a few hours in E.R., x-rays in hand (my good one), STAT visit to Orthopedic surgeon and HOT DOG and UGLY surgery scheduled. It has now been a year after the dreaded fall that was followed by painful P.T.and I am still not 100%...SOOO I am soo glad this fall did not require an emergency room visit :)

How do you get your creative juices flowing again??

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